[TR] TR3 Type A and Quantum Mechanics

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Fri Jan 29 16:28:11 MST 2016

I mentioned some time back having a ticking sound in first gear.  Also mentioned clutch slipping in 4th (in the passing lane against oncoming traffic). 

Regret to report, the excitement of a slipping clutch will soon be a thing of the past.  How can I know I'm having fun if my heart isn't racing in fear???

Removed the tranny, clutch assembly and flywheel a couple of weekends ago.  The rear engine seal is amazingly tight.  No leaks.  But the clutch plate on the tranny side was gooey.  Had a leak in the tranny front seal.  

John Esposito at Quantum Mechanics did some heroics for me.  First, he set aside a day for me to drive the tranny down, drop it off, while he did the work.  He even had a rebuilt replacement ready to go, which wound up being  good idea. While I was there, we took off the top and fished out a broken tooth from first gear.  That was causing the ticking sound, as he told me on the phone before I ever came.  

He also showed me the synchros, showed me the slop between them indicating wear, and the teeth (how they looked and how they were supposed to look).  I spent the night in a hotel nearby, and he stayed in the shop til 10 pm that night checking out the overdrive and rebuilding it. 

I know.  Many of you can rebuild your own overdrives.  All I can say is that I was an English major, and therefore somewhat prettier, albeit dumber, than engineers.  

Tranny is home and ready for reinstall.  Hold up? A 75 cent peg that goes in the flywheel for the pressure plate.  

So, Stoopid English Major question I know we've talked about a million times when I wasn't paying attention (did I mention I'm blonde too?), would like to go with syn oil in the OD transmission.  Must be GL-4.  Was it Redline that makes it?  

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
New Hampshire and very happy tonight.

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