[TR] tr3 hood sticks

Frank Fisher yellowtr3 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 14:30:01 MST 2016

had a couple of suggestions on how to stop the rattle. thanks Don and Randall.yes i could make the rattle go away easy. but it still leaves me without the bow brackets now.
so im hoping some one has a set of bows all bent up and never going to work again that they could live without.ebay sellers are rightfully proud of a full set of bows.

aaaaaah suppliers, same at home as in business.


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I have a couple of pieces of blue masking tape holding those plate nuts in place under the trim panel on my car, which hasn't yet been pierced for the sticks to be mounted.  Works perfectly to keep the rattling at bay until that day when/if I mount the sticks.
On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 4:28 PM, Frank Fisher <yellowtr3 at yahoo.com> wrote:

here in southern California i do not need to run with the top up.but that darn captured flat plate/nut that the top bows bolt into rattle like heck when you don't have the bows screwed on.so i took the brackets off the bows and sent them to be chrome plated. figuring that id bolt those in place, stop the rattle and be nice looking and unobtrusive.well guess what? yep, the chromer lost them.anyone have a beat up and bent old set of bows they don't ever want to use and would be willing to sell the little brackets and screws?

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