[TR] Removing Tie-rod 56TR3

Tony Drews tony at tonydrews.com
Fri Jan 22 11:44:00 MST 2016

+1 on that style of ball joint separator - seems to be much nicer to 
the ball joint, especially if I'm taking it apart but don't plan to 
replace the ball joint.

Tony Drews

At 09:41 AM 1/22/2016, Randall wrote:

> > First, thanks for all the input I received before Xmas. The
> > project this weekend is to remove the tie rod as one of the
> > fulcrum pins is completely destroyed
>A very common problem in my experience.  You might want to consider 
>upgrading to the Delrin/SS joints as sold by ARE & TRF.  They
>will last much longer.
> > Also, should we replace any other bushings while we are
> > doing this? It does look like most other components are in
> > good condition.
>The inner A-arm bushings are another common problem, IMO; 
>particularly the upper ones.  For the other joints, pry and wiggle against
>them looking for any movement.  In general, if you can see them move 
>at all in ways they are not supposed to, the joint should be
>Also look for any play in the steering box.  If you see any, my 
>suggestion is to rebuild it rather than trying to adjust the screw
>on the top.  It's to compensate for manufacturing tolerances, not wear IMO.
> > Trying to find some documentation or advice as to the best
> > way to proceed and do I need any specialty tools.
>This style of tool seems to work the best for me
>Never had much luck with the "pickle fork" style, especially on 
>those fulcrum pins (aka silentblocs).
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