[TR] Removing Tie-rod 56TR3

Harold Sawatsky hsawatsk at sasktel.net
Fri Jan 22 07:20:05 MST 2016

Good morning


First, thanks for all the input I received before Xmas. The project this
weekend is to remove the tie rod as one of the fulcrum pins is completely
destroyed and replacing with new pins. Also, should we replace any other
bushings while we are doing this? It does look like most other components
are in good condition.


Trying to find some documentation or advice as to the best way to proceed
and do I need any specialty tools. The engine is ready to re-install but
going to delay until this is done although it doesn't appear that the engine
would be in the way at all.


Thanks in advance


Harold Sawatsky



hsawatsk at sasktel.net



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