[TR] TR6 gearshift boot

Bob Danielson 75TR6 at TR6.Danielsonfamily.org
Thu Jan 21 06:20:34 MST 2016

Bill ,
Attached are two pictures showing the pieces:
  1.. The boot cover gets glued to the inner rubber piece 
  2.. The boot and inner piece slide over the shifter 
  3.. The outer rubber piece goes over everything and the groove “snaps” into the tranny tunnel edge 
  4.. The center dash support gets installed
Hope that helps 


Bob Danielson
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From: anabil007 
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 7:23 PM
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Subject: [TR] TR6 gearshift boot

What is the “sequence” for installing all the gearshift boots  (3) for a 1970 TR6 

Thanks …'

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Bill Pugh
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