[TR] TR3 Temperature

John Macartney john.macartney at ukpips.org.uk
Wed Jan 20 09:19:25 MST 2016

With the original spec factory thermostat, clean radiator and a good water
pump, 185 is exactly the temperature they ran at normally. I say *normally*
meaning that was the reading we expected to see - and saw, in England:) It's
of course prudent to remember that in the days of the TR3 and others of its
ilk, British manufacturers tended to assume that happened in the rest of the
world was likely to be the same as in the home market and the US was never
regarded as a tropical specification concerning coolant in my day:) That
said, I know many dealers tended to supply the tropical spec fan for the
Middle East and Africa markets. Fortunately for you, you didn't get the
tropical suspension set up either which would have kept many dentists busy
replacing displaced fillings.


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