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I have three 1.5 ton aluminum jacks from Harbor Freight, fast, light and retracts low enough to easily get under the TR3 frame, never a problem.  They have a 2.0 ton model as well.
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After 16 years of good use my Sears 3 Ton jack is given me problems.
The handle which is used to raise and lower the car also, if rotated ,is used to open and close a valve. through a gear mechanism Unfortunately, the gear mechanism has locked up.
If I remove one of the gears, can can manually close and open the valve by hand, This works OK, but if I have the jack under the car, this involves me going under the car too. Something I don't want to do.
So I'm on the hunt for a new jack. I'd like something light, but I need about 2 tons. I have  Stag.
Any recommendations?
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