[TR] Battery Recommendations?

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jan 18 00:53:46 MST 2016

> Don't batteries also come with different ratings, like 
> cranking AMPs? Could
> the rating of the battery also affect its life in a given 
> application, like
> if it is under rated, it has to work harder and drain further 
> every time the
> car is started? Just wondering.

Yes, they do, and at least in theory a larger (higher CCA) battery should last longer.

But a lot of other factors affect battery life, and at least in my limited experience, they make a lot more difference.  Leaving the
lights on, for example, can significantly reduce battery life every time it happens.

My experience with Costco batteries has not been perfect; in fact I just replaced one that was only a few months old but had lost
nearly all of its capacity.  But, their return policy is so great that I plan to buy all my batteries there from now on.  The only
question they asked me was "Is it defective.", and they gave me a 100% refund (no pro-ration, not just a credit against a purchase)
including tax & core charge.  Both on the battery that was only a few months old, and it's predecessor (which lasted about 4 years).

By comparison, when I tried to return a 4 year old battery to O'Reillys, they initially refused to even give me credit towards a
replacement.  After a certain amount of heated discussion with the manager (there was a "72 month" sticker right on the battery, no
matter what their computer said), they did give me some credit towards a new battery, but not enough to cover the increase in price.

And the new one is only warrantied for 2 years.


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