[TR] Nisonger Instrument Repair

Bob Danielson 75TR6 at TR6.Danielsonfamily.org
Sat Jan 16 15:54:36 MST 2016

Unless someone has recent experience (within a year) with a company, good or bad.... I ignore their recommendation/review. Over time ownership, personnel, focus, quality, price etc can all change for both good and bad.

Just my 2 cents

Bob Danielson
1975 Mimosa TR6
TBI, 5 Speed, LSD, CVJs

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yes, that was 13 years ago.  it’s a very different company now.  

they were not the least bit interested in doing my couple of gages, and I was told there was a wait before they could even look at them.

From: Loumetelko at aol.com 
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In a message dated 1/16/2016 1:53:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, dave at ranteer.com writes:
  don’t bother with mo-ma – they are doing high dollar cars and don’t care about anything else.  

  I cannot let this slam go by without the comment that MO-MA restored all six of the original gauges on my 54 TR2.  I was stunned by the beauty of their work and now thirteen years and 38,000 miles later all six gauges are functionally and visually still perfect!

Lou Metelko
Auburn, Indiana
54 TR2LD




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