[TR] Why do I drive a British sports car with the top down?

Frank Fisher yellowtr3 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 8 12:02:28 MST 2016

im a little further south of you Peter.i too went for breakfast in the TR3. cool wind over a shaved head, tucked into my tonneua.life dont suck


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Subject: [TR] Why do I drive a British sports car with the top down?  6:30AM south bound 101 along the Gaviota coast, dawn.Just a hint of red as the sun approaches the horizon,The ocean is a perfect dark blue, with lighter reflections.Sky is crispy clear, it’s in the mid 40F’s.Last crescent of the moon ahead, Venus a little higher, Jupiter, even further.WHAT A GREAT DRIVE! Peter Arakelian – ’71 TR6, yes, a daily driver. 

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