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Great story Ed. Thanks for sharing.

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Many years ago I cut my teeth building infrared systems that hung under the wings of fighter jets.  High g maneuvers, slamming onto flight decks and temp extremes were the norm for operation.  Our testing included mechanical shock/vibration,
and thermal chambers the size of one car garages.  Pretty intense.  We used blue, red, and green, per the specifications.  It seems like there was a purple as well, but it has been too long to be sure.  Anyway, we always used the Locktite primer, as in every
time.  Oh, and we referred to green Locktite as ‘liquid weld’, because it had to be heated significantly for even a prayer at getting it to let loose.  For automotive usage I don’t have the primer, but, I use acetone after cleaning everything up real well
with wire brushes etc.  I think a clean surface is pretty important for the formulation to work as designed, at least it was for applications where a loose piece of hardware could have stopped a very important show.

Oh, and the stuff that went onto tanks.  Wow.  Now there is a filthy, rattling, big BANG environment where you didn’t want anything rattling loose either.  Locktite rocks.

Just my .02

Ed Fisher
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