[TR] WTB a TR-3

Jonas Payne jpaynepbr at cox.net
Thu Jan 7 16:24:26 MST 2016

The fully synchro box is a nice upgrade............

I can't feel the difference in what is supposedly a 10% power bump and I've
driven 2 B's and half a dozen earlier ones, but admittedly all my TR3's are
running hotter cams and 87 or 89 mm bore kits..............

Jonas Payne
PBR Consulting Services, LLC

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> TR3Bs are the rarest of the TRs, because of the low production number.

Only problem is, you have to wear your anorak to know the difference between
a 3B and a 3A.  What good is a rare car that looks exactly like a common


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