[TR] WTB a TR-3

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Welcome aboard, Kerry. 
I'm sure that you will get years of pleasure for your efforts involving another Triumph. Especially a TR3. 
Joining your local Triumph club and the TR list are the best places to start. 
I'll look forward to your inquiries and shared successes. 

Dave H. 
Santa Cruz, CA 

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Hi all, 

I recently joined the list, and have found it very useful already. I owned a ’61 back in the ‘70s and could kick myself for ever selling. I am now in a hunt for project TR-3. I’m expecting to do a full frame off restoration - with a lot of learning along the way!!! I live in the Richmond VA area, although I hear shipping cross country is not an insurmountable problem. If anyone has any l leads on a project just waiting for help please let me know. I also joined the Richmond Triumph Register, the Triumph Experience forum and a couple others. Great resources. 

Thanks, take care. 


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