[TR] TR3 stone guards

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Wed Jan 6 16:24:31 MST 2016

I don't know about others, but my experience with the aftermarket TR3 stone
guards (especially the large ones which fit over the rear fenders) has been
very disappointing.  Badly made and frustratingly hard to fit.  So when I
started the latest restoration on a CA car with minimal rust (lots of other
problems, but rust wasn't one of them !) I decided I would try to salvage
the stone guards.  They were heavily pitted and dented and I thought I was
wasting my time, but I started off hammering out the dents and then I used a
grinder to level all the pits and scratches.  I followed with 80 grit, then
150, 320 and 600.  Then aluminum polish and finally a good waxing.  I have
to say, the end result was really good - and they fit !


Having said that, I guess I spent most of a day on the 2 large guards, so
this approach would make little sense for a restoration shop or someone
charging by the hour.  But for someone like me with time on my side, I saved
$100 not buying new and I now have guards which will fit.


I learned a lot from an older guy in a restoration shop who routinely threw
out the old and replaced with new.  Maybe there was a day when "new" really
was better, but the more of these cars I do (and I am now on number 13) the
more I try to keep whatever I can and only replace where absolutely


Just my 2 cents....


Andrew Uprichard

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