[TR] Loctite

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed Jan 6 14:46:21 MST 2016

> I have found that it is 
> stronger the loctite blue (242) but not by a whole heck of a 
> lot. 

The specs vary all over the place, depending on things like whether the threads are cad plated or not.  But if you dig in to the
TDS, the maximum difference (for an unplated 3/8" NC bolt) is only about 12 ft-lb:


The difference becomes even smaller if you take into account the long term performance of 271 (red) vs 243 ("oil resistant" blue)
under both exposure to oil (271 loses 25% of its strength over 1000 hours; 243 actually gains about 15%); and operation at 100C (a
typical engine temperature) where again 271 loses strength and 243 does not.

243 is also supposedly more tolerant of minor contamination of the threads.  Since no one will ever mistake my garage for a clean
room, that seems like a big plus to me.

-- Randall  

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