[TR] Maybe Fog Lights?

John Macartney john.macartney at ukpips.org.uk
Sun Jan 3 04:47:10 MST 2016

Seeing this thread traffic, I paused a while to think of those Triumph
enthusiasts who live in Italy and how they cope with their electrical
dilemmas. It was a major market for all Triumph models both made in the UK
and in Belgium but both factories had special sections in pre-mount where an
electrician was permanently employed wiring cars just for Italy. Each car
had a 12 fuse box, relays everywhere and always a minimum of three earth
straps. What makes this particular market even more 'curious' is I never
recall having seen a wiring diagram for Italy in any shop manual or parts
book. That said, the factory in Belgium printed all the tech pubs for
non-English speaking European markets, so maybe the answer lies there? I
wonder too how Lucas compares with Magneti Marelli in terms of
'reliability'?  :)


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