[TR] Maybe Fog Lights?

TeriAnn J. Wakeman tjwakeman at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 16:21:23 MST 2016

According to BSI# BS-AU7 Green/red is reserved for left turn signal wiring.

Blue/yellow is driving lamp switch to lamp.
Red/yellow is fog lamp switch to fog lights or fog light fuse to fog 
lights if the lights are fused.
Red/Blue fog light switch to fog light fuse.

If you have a rear fog light, it's red/brown between the rear fog light 
switch and the light.

On 1/2/16 3:33 PM, Wbeech at flash.net wrote:
> I have an extra green w/red line wires from the harness terminus at the horns on each side.  I didn't build this car and everything works just as it should.  My first thought is that it is for future fog lights, that I am now wanting to install.   Problem is that I cannot find anywhere under the dash or anywhere in the car that these wires appear.
> They are not hot nor do they run to ground.  There is continuity between the two ends.
> Thoughts?
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