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Stuart Greenwood sagreenwood at att.net
Sun Dec 25 12:22:52 MST 2016

>From your description of the event I would think that no damage was caused so leave well alone.I had a much worse experience when I lost all my TR250  engine oil due to the fact that I had not fitted the spin on oil filter adapter correctly. I shut down the engine when the oil pressure didn't rise after about 10 to 15 seconds and by that time all the oil was on the floor.  I, like you, was worried about the bearings so after I had corrected the problem and refilled the sump I removed the distributor and turned the oil pump with an electric drill until I got full oil pressure. I have not noticed anything amiss with the engine and have driven 200 miles since this episode.On my Stag I suffered an oil pump failure about 10 miles from home and drove gently home with zero oil pressure. I removed the sump and replaced the man and big end bearings. The big end bearings were OK but the rear main was badly scored. I replaces all the bearings and the engine ran fine.Stuart

 Stuart A Greenwood
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