[TR] Windshield Wiper Motor TR4

Lee&John Howard leejohn7 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 13:43:29 MST 2016

Another electrical challenge.

I've completed installation of a new harness, and nice to see that fresh
blue wrap and no more brittle and spliced ends. Al l the correct colors to
all the correct connectors.
Except for the wiper motor.  Can someone tell me which color goes to which
marked terminal? The schematic has them lined up, but with no terminal
identification and  that order doesn't seem to work.  I did find one
arrangement that did work, but
the switch did not control the on/off.  There is continuity to the switch.
I've now blown a couple of precious fuses messing with the connections.
What is the correct line-up?

John Howard
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