[TR] Opening Up Connecting Rod Oil Passages

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Where I used to work we often fabricated extensions to small brushes like that by TIG welding an extension to the end. Sometimes the extension was simply fused to the end of the brush's shaft with no rod used. Could you braze or silver solder an extension on?

Randall S.
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     So I am rebuilding a Standard Vanguard engine for a 1953 Morgan Plus 4. The connecting rods have been laying on a shed floor for decades. They cleaned up nicely, but the oiling hole through the connecting rod to the small end bushings were all rusted solid. I made a tool out of a piece of 1/8 brass welding rod. I pounded the end flat, like a screwdriver, and pounded it in while turning with a small Vise-grips. It got the hole opened and rust poured out. The hole is about 0.180” diameter. I’ve been trying to find a long 3/16ths tube brush (like a pipe cleaner) to clean them out better, but no one makes one long enough. The brush needs to be about 5” long and the longest that McMaster Carr has is 3”. I could pull the small end bushings out and go at it from both ends, but the bushings in there fit the wrist pins perfectly and I would rather not mess them up if I can help it.
     I have been considering buying a 12” long 3/16ths (.188”) drill bit and running that through. It might open up the hole a little bit, which might not be a bad thing.


     Has anybody else been here? How did you get by this?

     Bill Brewer
     Tehachapi, CA

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