[TR] FW: TR4 road draft tube plug

John & Pat Donnelly pdonnel1 at san.rr.com
Mon Sep 7 08:06:58 MDT 2015


I too had oil coming out from every nook and cranny. The rear main was leaking like a sieve. Blue smoke followed me everywhere. I had oil coming out of the dip stick! So I tried Marx's rear seal. Helped the rear main leaked. But was still there. I tore the engine apart twice. Chasing this oil leak problem was getting ridiculous. Grrrr.


So, what causes the oil leaks? Too much internal pressure (and assuming you can assemble an engine properly). If you remove the gulp valve the leaks go away. But that's not the design, so what if you go to another gulp valve? So I went to my local store and found a cheap inline PVC valve for $5. Works like a champ. I no longer see blue smoke, in fact there's no more leaks - at all. I spent hundreds of bucks when all it took was a little  $5 part. I feel like a fool for not thinking of this earlier.



'67 TR4A



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