[TR] early tr4

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sat Sep 5 04:22:16 MDT 2015

> It was converted to negative ground, probably when he removed 
> the generator and put in an alternator.
> Does anyone even make positive ground alternators????

I don't know if anyone still makes them new today, but they have certainly been made in the past.  ISTR Bill Piggott claims there is
even a parts catalogue listing for such fitted to a TR4 (as part of the perhaps mythical police package).

My point was just to be sure you bought the right version of Pertronix, since the standard TR4 Pertronix is positive ground only.  

Other than that, there's no reason you can't run a hot wire to the coil.  Don't forget though, the Pertronix doesn't like being left
powered with the engine not running.  If you stop to work on something, be sure to pull the hot wire back off.


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