[TR] Weber Carbs

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jan 26 17:04:29 MST 2015

> Question:  what's the benefit analysis of swapping original 
> side drafts for weber carbs?

I assume we are talking DCOEs on a wet liner 4 cylinder TR?

Looks to me like the biggest advantage on the street is bragging rights.  In theory, they are more adjustable (by changing
components) to match various engine modifications; but the adjustments are also much more complicated.  However, they are also more
sensitive to climatic changes (eg ambient temperature and altitude), so it takes more to keep them adjusted for everyday use.  A
friend of mine changed jets twice on the way to VTR 2001 (in Breckenridge CO, just past the highest paved spot in CONUS) then
switched back to SU when he got home.

If you are going racing where a few bhp can make the difference between winning and losing, and you don't mind having to retune the
engine every few days of use then the cost may be justified.  I can't see it for the street, though.  Lots of other mods offer more
"bang for the buck" and less headache (tho certainly not as cool).

IMHO, NFI, YMMV, This offer void within or without reason.

-- Randall  

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