[TR] My Gun Is Quick

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Mon Jan 26 16:04:11 MST 2015

Odd title for a Triumphs List e-mail, eh?

In my youth I was a Micky Spillane fan.  In junior high, one of the first "adult" novels I ever read was "The Girl Hunters."  Still ranks as lots of fun.

This weekend I watched a 1957 "My Gun is Quick."  During the scene where the deaf witness has been murdered, and Hammer follows the killer, there's a long series of shots if him tailling the suspect in heavy traffic on L.A. freeways.  Found myself looking at all those vintage cars on the road, original and unrestored, passing each other, making turns, totally candid.  And if you look close, you'll see a TR-2 smallmouth behind Hammer's car and pulling onto a freeway offramp.  

It wasn't a featured car, just one doing it's little TR-2 business and probably not even aware it was being filmed.

Just so cool.  

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
New Hampshire

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