[TR] TR250 Windshield Wiper Motor and switch

Roger Elliott elliottr at rmi.net
Sat Jan 10 17:14:42 MST 2015

I got the wiper switch out and got it working the way I think it is 
supposed to work.

But when I put it in the car, I still only have one speed on the wiper 
motor.   I have been trying to follow Dan Master's TR250 - 6 manual, but 
my lack of electrical comprehension is showing.

On page 133, he mentions that for high speed operation "Both the 
terminal 'S' and Terminal 'F' of the dash switch have been shorted to 
ground."  But the diagram on page 134 for high speed operation seems to 
show current through the ground and one of the other terminals on the 
switch.  I would have though with both terminals shorted to ground there 
would be current through both wires to the switch.

Also, when testing the motor (page 136), it says "Step 1)  With the 
ignition key on, use a short piece of wire to connect the appropriate  
from the wiper motor to a good ground.  If only the low speed works, 
ground the terminal with the N/LG wire.  If only the high speed works , 
ground the R/LG wre.  If the motor doesn't work in the proper speed when 
the terminal is grounded the wiper motor is defective..."

So, I was wondering, do I need to connect both the R/LG and N/LG to 
ground to test if the fast speed is working?

One more question.  The three wires going into the motor all seem to be 
the same color.  How do I know which should be hooked to which wire in 
the harness?  I think I have the Green wire figured out, but not sure 
about the other two.  I looked a another motor from a GT6 and the three 
wires going into it all seem to be the same color as well.

Roger Elliott

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