[TR] Reconnecting ball joint and vertical link

Jeffrey Gayton jtgayton at icloud.com
Sun Jan 4 15:20:08 MST 2015

Greetings. As you may recall I recently had a memorable experience with the vertical link on my TR4 separating from the ball joint while pulling into my driveway. I’m not trying to put things right, but am having trouble. The workshop manual says to reverse the procedure for separating them with special tool S.166, which seems to be unavailable.

I tried using a jack under the spring pan, but the alignment between the ball joint and vertical link is quite a bit off and requires a lot of tugging on the wheel to get it to come even somewhat close fitting. In the end, the upper wishbone moves up before I’m able to force the link into the ball joint.

Any ideas?


-- Jeff

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