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The following Q&A appeared on the website

Q:  	has this car ever been crashed? 	Jan-01-15
A:  	NO! There was NO body or frame damage or rust found during the
year-long frame-off restoration. Please send me your email for copy of the
Heritage Certificate! Please go to this link for video of 1968 Triumph TR5
PI sold at Gooding & Co. in Monterey CA. for comparable sale
http://youtu.be/V5tZ6A7dtKI Call me with any additional questions or photo
requests, 513-374-7049 Dan. Thanks for your bids & good luck!

Draw your own conclusions but I find it hard to believe that even if it
spent most of its life in Portugal where it's hot (and also gets a lot of
rain) to state there was no rust is stretching imaginations too far. Two
coats of phoretic, two undercoat and maybe four top coats, Portugal, rain,
high humidity and no rust? Hell, rust was present when they were new if you
looked hard enough. Fact remains there are people paying that sort of money
in Europe ($45k-$60k and more) for a good one but once again, it's the same
old issue of supply and demand. If the item is really scarce, the price goes
up to a level that only dumbos are willing to meet



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Where did this car auction for $105,000.00????

On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 11:54 AM CST John Macartney wrote:

>I had a look at the video of the original auction of the TR5 currently 
>on topic and was staggered to see it finally reached US$105,000
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