[TR] TR250 Wiper Switch

Roger Elliott elliottr at rmi.net
Thu Jan 1 12:11:20 MST 2015

Hi everyone,
Thanks to everyone that gave me suggestions.

I was able to push up on the bottom tension spring tab and get the 
bottom of the switch to start out of the escutcheon. Then the whole 
thing popped out very easily.

Thanks again.

On 12/31/2014 08:16 AM, Matt wrote:
> Good description Greg, brings back memories of my dash build.
> There should be a metal plate on the back side of the dash to provide 
> the firm gripping surface for the top and bottom tensioner springs. 
>  There could be a little corrosion there binding things up.  May want 
> to run a thin blade around the front surround of the switch, Greg is 
> correct that there could be some stickage there too.
> MB
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> From: "Greg Lemon" <glemon at neb.rr.com>
> Greg wrote:
> I found the old switch, "clear hooters" brand instead of Lucas if I 
> recall ...
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