[TR] TR3 rear spring specification

John Macartney john.macartney at ukpips.org.uk
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Delving into my ancient archive of Sales Technical Data for sidescreen TR's
I read - and quote:

"The suspension systems vary according to the eventual destination market.
Essentially, suspension systems are designated as Domestic and Heavy Duty
with the latter being fitted as standard for export markets in developing
countries - Africa, South America, Puerto Rico, Middle and Far East.
There are two types of Domestic suspension arrangement in which the spring
periodicity varies. Again, periodicity is market dependent and as an
example, cars destined for Canada and the United States use different
periodicity units resulting in a slightly firmer ride quality allied to a
marginally higher ride height, than units specified for the UK domestic and
western European markets. Front coil springs and rear leaf springs are
identified by differing paint colour splashes and reference should be made
to the appropriate Service Information Sheets and Spare Parts Data Bulletins
to identify market suitability to displayed colours." Unquote

Not a lot of help - but maybe a bit?


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In the factory TR2-TR3 workshop manual, the rear spring diagram on page H-3
gives the nominal laden camber for the rear springs as 7/8".  But there are
two specifications next to that, one for "blue" and one for "red".

Does anyone know what the colors signify?  The SPC does not list any
alternate rear springs except the later 330306 passenger side spring that is
supposedly identical to the drivers side except for an added spacer.  The
diagram was published long before the
330306 spring was added, so I doubt that is it anyway.

And if there were a performance spring option available (like the front
springs), I would expect it to have a different spring rate but roughly the
same ride height.  The workshop manual lists only one spring rate.

I'm trying to work out whether my old springs really were way too soft; or
the new springs I got are way too stiff (and ride much too high).  So I do
have a practical application, not just random curiosity.  The fact that a
piece fell out of one of the old springs the other day says that it was
probably too soft (cracked), but its mate seems to match very closely with
another original spring that I was given.

-- Randall 

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