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 Bill,I too think those are beautiful motorcars but have heard they can become moneypits... One dealer friend said to go for the coupe as they are much quieter, less flex and more refined that the drop tops. Good luck and keep us informed if you take the plunge! MB    

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     I have been thinking about picking up a post-2002 Jaguar XK8  and I notice the bulk of them for sale are at about 70,000 miles. The earlier ones ate the coating out of the cylinders or something like that at about that mileage. Is there a particular reason for why so many of them are for sale at this mileage? Is this when they get their first multi-thousand dollar repair bill?     I ran into a guy yesterday with a 1999 XK8 and he had put in a new block at around 50,000 miles. He said something like the ceramic (?) timing chain tensioners had taken out the engine. He paid $9K for the car and $6K for a new engine after owning it only a short time.     TIA          -Bill Brewer     Tehachapi, CA
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