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Thanks for the info.  I dare not take them apart in fear of ruining them.  One is the original date coded 2 62 horn for the car. The other is a replacement from 1963.  I have a lead on some horns thanks to this list.  As they say, the restoration continues, one piece at a time.  Or is that a Johnny Cash song J  Five years and working on the restoration. Wish I had more time!

Jim Henningsen

Ocala FL


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I believe that I have the same horns, one of which I rebuilt (CT13678). I ground off the rivets and pulled it apart. What I found was a lot of pot metal and dissimilar metals corrosion. So, clean that all up don't damage the electrics. I could not find any rivets of the same size, so I tapped the holes in the top piece and put in allen head screws from the underside. Fresh coat of black paint and no one has ever noticed. There may be a gasket between the halves which you might need to make. It may work or try to work at this point. There are two adjustment screws (big one in center and a small one adjacent) to fiddle with I hope you will have a horn. Mine are still working many years later.


On Aug 30, 2015, at 11:57 AM, "James Henningsen" <trguy75 at gmail.com> wrote:


Any chance someone has a pair of the early Lucas horns for my 62 TR4.  Mine are shot and I want to keep original.  These have the flat electrical connectors rather than the upright ones.  Or, does anyone know a person who can rebuild my originals?  


Jim Henningsen

Ocala, FL

62 TR4

75 TR6


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