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Terry -

Here is an excellent write-up on testing and repair of the system:


It is for an MGA but equally applicable to our TR3As.


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> So, the fuel guage works when I fill the tank.  Registers full.  Then,
> right about 3/4ths of a tank left, it wobbles, then drops to zero.
> Voltage at the sending unit is 12 in and a bit over 4 out.  Voltage at the
> gauge is the same.  Both measurements at the 3/4ths level.
> I would guess that the sending unit is simply a variable resister,
> somewhat like the heater fan switch.  I would think that the resistance
> wire that the float rides on might be broken at that one particular point.
> ...Except I'm getting 4 volts being sent to the gauge.
> Am I right that the gauge is faulty?  I don't understand gauges, and why
> they might malfunction at one particular reading (and all subsequent until
> the gas tank is empty).
> Thoughts?
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