[TR] Spitfire Windshield

Tony Drews tony at tonydrews.com
Thu Aug 20 09:19:14 MDT 2015

More detail on the new windshield:
Windsheld   is for a triumph  tr5 Spitfire  4 
Mk1    Model  year  61    80  .    Part  :  fw146 .  Type  Gt.

So, should fit the TR's as well as some Spit's.

If any interest I can connect the parties.

Thanks, Tony Drews

At 09:27 AM 8/18/2015, Tony Drews wrote:
>I have a line on a cheap NEW spitfire windshield.  Friend of a 
>friend kind of thing.  Anyone need one?
>Thanks, Tony Drews
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