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I no longer use a hammer.  All of them do some damage.  I purchased a wrench 
from one of the big three many years ago and it works well.  It is about 
1/4" thick metal and you have to put a rag between the wrench and the ear or 
it will dent the ear.  The best I've used is a homemade wrench.  Use two 
pieces of 3/4 inch plywood and make it about 3' long in the shape of a 
spoon.  Cut out the shape of the knock off in the spoon part and you 
instantly have a non marring tool which provides all the torque you need to 
install and remove the knock offs.

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When I decided to go with wire wheels for my 4, I got a hammer that was
lead on one side and nylon on the other. After numerous uses, not a
scratch on the knock offs. The nylon does show a few dents!


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