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Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Sat Aug 15 19:13:21 MDT 2015

> If someone wrote stating that they are sending a 'Rust Free" Wing. You see
> it & see rust & some pitting.
> My question is:
> What degree is "RUST FREE?" & When is it NOT RUST FREE?

My opinion, "rust free" means no rust of any sort, not even brown stains on
the surface.  Some very mild pitting from previously removed rust might
slide by, but any significant rust damage (eg pits deeper than 1/10 the
thickness of the panel) would have to be adequately repaired in order to
qualify as "rust free".

But certainly many sellers don't see it that way.  In fact, some of them
appear to be totally blind to any faults whatsoever in what they are
selling, including what car it came from!  And "Rebuilt" often means a
sloppy coat of paint hiding mechanical defects.  Etc, etc.

> Has anyone, , any info.on Donn Berry of West Virginia?

Sorry, I don't recall hearing the name before.

-- Randall

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