[TR] TR4 Door Lock

James Henningsen trguy75 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 08:50:55 MDT 2015

Does anyone have a TR4 door lock barrel with lock number 743.  I know this
is a pretty detailed question, but one of my original 743 locks on my TR4
has a buggered chrome cap where the key is inserted. Cant seem to figure out
if I can take a chrome cap off another lock barrel and reinstall without
damaging.  I also thought about putting the key mechanisms into another lock
to make it a 743, but cant see how it would come apart. Any experts out
there or do you know of an expert I can send my orig lock to for fixing.
Macy's Garage?  I have a really nice 910 lock that is perfect if anyone has
one of those.  My car originally came with the 743  and I have the orig keys
so I 'd like to keep same.  

Thanks in advance,

Jim Henningsen

Ocala FL

62 TR4

75 TR6


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