[TR] Rust preventative for long term storage

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WD-40 is definitely not the way to go - it was designed more as a water
dispersing agent. In fact, it can cause some slight corrosion just by
itself, as I found out on some thread cutting taps. Kano, makers of Kroil,
has a good product called Weatherpruf. It is a spray-on product that creates
a waxy, long lasting coating that can be removed with any type of solvent.
Mail order only. www.KanoLabs.com 

Alex Thomson

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What rust preventative (Preferably spray on) do you folks use.  I want to
store a pair of complete cylinder heads (conceivably for several) years and
have, in the past, not had very good luck (WD40 etc).

Smearing grease, and storing in a plastic bag??

I'm open for suggestions, besides painting the mating surface -

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