[TR] Electric Fuel Pump

Dixie4 dixie4.wales at virgin.net
Thu Aug 6 02:52:58 MDT 2015

If you do not mind the expense I would buy the SU pump with the digital 
internals intended for the MGB (washes mouth out with soap) and retain 
the mechanical pump but disconnected from a fuel supply, it is not 
needed. This would be short pull, long push
I have not actually tried it but it may be possible to mount the pump 
next to the tank behind the backboard.

As the pump would not be seen perhaps I would consider a Chinese solid 
state pump available for 10.5 GBP. on eBay UK. A fit and forget solution 
small and compact. The delivery poundage should be 4 to 6 pounds for SU 
and Stromberg carbs, higher for Webers.


On 05/08/2015 22:38, Jeffrey Gayton wrote:
> Thanks to John and Adrian for their replies. For some reason, the daily digest didn’t arrive, so I looked up the thread. In the Competition Manual, Kastner says the mechanical fuel pump is just fine in terms of getting fuel to the carbs. For him, the advantage of the electric pump is that it can be installed in the trunk, keeping the fuel cooler.
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