[TR] TR4A to TR6 Windshield Wiper Conversion

John & Pat Donnelly pdonnel1 at san.rr.com
Tue Aug 4 21:41:16 MDT 2015

After many many years of crappy windshield wiper operation I decided to take
the plunge and convert the wiper motor on my TR4A from the Lucas to the
Smiths version. Wow, what a difference in the strength of the motors. Before
doing this I changed out motors, replaced wheelboxes, replaced tubing, and
replaced wiper arms trying to keep as original as possible. Some of these
things improved performance but nothing anywhere close to doing the TR6
swap. Thanks to Charles at TRF who inspired me with a short blurb on one of
his catalogs about doing the same thing on his TR5. 


The main parts you'll need is the wiper motor (on sale at TRF), late TR6
wiper switch, TR6 wheelboxes, 5/16" tubing, and an electric washer pump. The
vacuum/push pump on the dash gets replaced with a modern electric one. Very
slick install. Unless you really know what to look for it looks like the
factory put it in.


I don't have time to write up the conversion now as my Grandson and I are
about to load up the TR4A and head out for a week of fishing in the Eastern
Sierra's. I'm hearing the trout are biting! Hope the bears aren't!



'67 TR$A





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