[TR] Body Panel fitting

Dan Cronin adcronin at mi.rr.com
Tue Apr 28 07:14:18 MDT 2015

Wondering if anyone could point me to photos or printed material or descriptions on how the various TR2-3b body panels fit together, overlap, seam jointing details.  For instance, I am aware that the lips that come together at door bottoms are composed of inner sill first, then the floor board up-turn and finally the outer sill or rocker panel.  All three caped with a finishing strip of aluminum.  My car is badly rusted at key junction, particularly the rear clip area with all the various closing panels, inner fender and related boot fittings.  Have looked thru the parts books but do not find enough detail to make a determination of which piece overlaps which, etc.  Moss’s catalog has a drawing of the rear fender inner closing pieces, but that’s about all I have come across…..

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