[TR] TR3 Fiberglass Fenders

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Apr 27 15:37:25 MDT 2015

> Am curious.  What are List thoughts on fiberglass body panels?  

I tried a pair of fiberglass rear fenders on my previous TR3A.  Not real happy with them, as the threaded inserts were metric,
meaning the special bolts that go inside the trunk lid drip rail would not fit.  The hex head bolts held the lid up just a bit
higher than the surrounding body.

Also, they started to stress crack almost immediately.  In part probably because they lacked provision for the fender brace behind
the wheel opening.

But of course, these things may or may not apply to any other fiberglass fenders.

Of lesser consideration perhaps, they obviously absorbed very little energy in the crash, while the remaining 46 year old sheet
metal was what kept that Toyota SUV from crushing me.  I was somewhat amazed at how far the original sheet metal bent without
breaking, while the 'glass just crumbled.

-- Randall  

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