[TR] RetroSound Radios

Darrell Walker darrellw360 at mac.com
Tue Apr 21 19:58:29 MDT 2015

Hi Dave,

I installed a RetroSound Model One in my TR8 a few years ago.

The wedge doesn’t have a lot of depth for the radio, so the small size of the unit was a big plus.  I’ve been happy with the sound, I think it is more limited by the speakers than the head unit.  I like that it looks pretty plain, and that the memory cards are in a remote unit in the glove box.

I ordered the black Euro-style face plate (or the mini-euro, I don’t recall), and black knobs.  The knobs are solid metal, not plastic.

Not the cheapest option, but I’m happy with my decision.


Darrell Walker
66 TR4A IRS-SC CTC67956L
81 TR8 SATPZ458XBA406206
Vancouver, WA, USA

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