[TR] Exhaust manifold studs

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Apr 21 13:14:23 MDT 2015

> Put back the stud, then use copper-based anti-seize on the 
> exposed threads.  That way it will come apart easily next time.

A few more tips.  First of all, I meant to replace with a new stud, not try to reuse the old one.  Usually if the hole is fully
stripped (or nearly so), you don't have to drill first.  The special tap will also act as a reamer to bring the stripped hole to
size.  But if the old stud didn't penetrate all the way through (leaving some old threads intact), then it's probably best to ream
or drill them away first.

Hold the tap as square to the hole as you can.  There are various aids available to help hold it square, but I do it by eye; perhaps
with something square to hold nearby as a visual reference.  Even a big nut will do.

Also dress the manifold surface flat before installing the new studs.  Use a Dremel to trim the end of the insert if necessary, so
it is just a bit below the surface.

-- Randall  

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