[TR] Fuel Pump Bolt

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Apr 17 18:11:39 MDT 2015

> I've R&Red my fuel pump a few times over the decades and I 
> just don't remember it being that difficult of a job.  I 
> wonder what I did?

Beats me.  I found that Justin's trick with the flex socket made it a lot easier; before that I had to go 1/12 turn at a time (by
flipping the wrench over) but it still came off.  Yeah, tight quarters and all those things are in the way, but I did it from above
and don't recall having to remove anything to gain access.

Lots easier than the throttle shaft I just put in with everything in the way.

The spinning captive nuts sure bring back memories, though!  I spent a lot of time fishing needle-nose vice grips into places I
couldn't even see, to grab the cages just long enough to work the bolts out.

And more than once, I had to just cut or grind away the bolt head then repair the damage later.  These things make the repair job a
lot easier, though

-- Randall  

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