[TR] Fuel Pump Bolt

David Friedlander forzion7 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 16:01:51 MDT 2015

To all those who suggested na 1/4" ratchet with an extension, thanks for
the chuckle. There are any number of obstacles in the way to have it merely
be that simple. Like the streering column support bracket, clutch lines,
speedo and tach cables, not to mention how tightly the bolt is tucked up
against the pump housing.

But, I am happy to report that I have now successfully removed the rear
bolt using a deep-well half-inch socket on a thin-profile 1/4" ratchet
wrench, approaching from the underside of the pump. Even then it was as
much by feel as by sight. Thanks to all who had insightful suggestions and
kudos to Stan and Joe DeMuth for some key insights.

I am in the process now of removing the driver's side front fender. The
captive nuts holding the bolts are not at all 'captivating.' The cages lets
them spin freely within. Goodbye cages!

Dave Friedlander

On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 5:16 PM, Dave Connitt <dconnitt at fuse.net> wrote:

>  Dave,
> That rear bolt is a PIA to remove. I ended up cutting a 1/2" combination
> wrench in half and was able to just barely get the nut off. I think you can
> buy short combination wrenches if you don't want to sacrifice a normal size
> wrench.
> Dave Connitt
> '67 TR4A IRS
> http://www.davestr4a.com
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>  Hey all;
> I'm sure (?) there an easy answer here but HOW does one remove the rear
> bolt to
> the AC mechanical fuel pump? At least on the TR3, it's all I can do to SEE
> the bolt
> much less loosen it! Front bolt is out, no problem but it seems the boys
> at Triumph
> went out of their way to shield this one from access.
> Thanks for any insight...
> Dave Friedlander
> '59 TR3A
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