[TR] HS6 Choke Adjustments - Twin carbs

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Wed Apr 15 06:42:03 MDT 2015

I just put HS6 carbs on my latest TR3.  Having largely dealt with S6s in the
past, I wasn't familiar with the HS6, but it seemed to me that the first
half of the travel involved the idle mechanism on the throttle arm, and the
second half activated the main jet apparatus.  It seems to have worked fine,
but if I have missed something, I'd love to know about it.


Andrew Uprichard


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Hi Folks,

I thought I had the information at hand, but now searching through the
garage library I can't seem to find the choke adjustment procedure for a
dual HS6 installation. My Haynes manual makes an obscure mention of setting
the idle cam to 1/16"., but not much more than that. As I recall there was a
detailed procedure that tells you how to set the choke after you've adjusted
the carbs in a step by step process. 

Any ideas where to look?


'67 TR4A





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