[TR] TR4A rear toe setting technique

Anthony Rhodes spamiam at comcast.net
Tue Apr 14 18:51:55 MDT 2015

My 4A IRS has the shims on the rear trailing arms that I believe it was delivered with.  It supposedly had a 4 wheel alignment 10 years and 4 thousand miles ago.  I just installed the goodparts rear axles and adjustable trailing arm brackets.  I have set the camber to about -0.5 degrees on both sides.  

I used the "string" technique to check toe because it looked by eye to be excessively toed-in.  

I ran the string front to back at a small distance out from the center of knock-off nuts on the wire wheels. I measured approximately 1/4" toe-in on the drivers side.  

Are there any things I need to watch out for with this technique?   E.G the rear track is 1/2" narrower than the front so I might need to have the string 1/4" further away from the rear hub than the front?   This is a very small angular difference but when working at 0 to 1/16" toe-in, that small difference is meaningful. Compared to the 1/4" I saw, it is a small amount of error.  

Any suggestions about how to set the toe with the string method?

And how much change does adding or removing one shim make?


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