[TR] advice needed for a crankshaft on ebay

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Apr 14 17:57:21 MDT 2015

> Do the measurements as stated mean that the crank has been 
> ground to .040 less than original on the mains and .010 under 
> on the rods? Is that a lot for a crankshaft? Does the price 
> seem reasonable? Are there any other sources?

Other way around, it's .040" under on the rods.  That is too much IMO, especially since it has clearly been used (and has some wear)
since it was ground to .040" under.  At that price, I'd expect to find no more than .010" on rods and mains.

Given that there is visible wear on every single journal, I suspect the seller is lying about the size anyway.  It would have been
ground to .040" under, then any wear would take it smaller than that.  That has to be at least .0002" wear visible.  They claim to
be a professional shop, but state "no warranty".  My guess is that they wouldn't use this crank, so they're selling it on eBay

I know I wouldn't use it, unless I had no other choice.  If Marv Gruber can't set you up, try Ted Schumacher.

-- Randall  

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