[TR] Randall's Headlight Conversion

Brad Kahler bkahler1 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 09:51:56 MDT 2015

Here ya go.

I've already received the lamps from the BusDepot and currently waiting on
delivery from the ebay bulb seller.


> This may have been covered already and I missed it, but
> searched archives and can't find it....but an LED headlight
> conversion sounds fascinating.  I don't see them at Moss or
> TRF. Where did you find them?

I bought Hella H4 headlight conversions from BusDepot.com (who have a great
deal on them at the moment)

Plus 30 watt LED H4 inserts from eBay, like these

There are lots of choices available there and I can't say for sure that
these are any better or worse than others.  But I liked the
fan idea (LEDs are very sensitive to heat and keeping them cool will make
them last longer) and felt they were worth trying.

Installation was straightforward, the only change was that I had to bend
the retaining clips (for the H4 inserts) a bit to fit them
around the heat sink.  And it took a certain amount of dexterity to get the
ballast to lay flat inside the TR headlight bucket while
putting the bulb assembly in place.  Otherwise they went right in, with no
other alterations.

-- Randall
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