[TR] Howling

dave n dave at ranteer.com
Wed Apr 8 20:35:14 MDT 2015

yes, I remember telling people that my diff has been telling me for  years 
it needed to be replaced.

I replaced (TR6) diff with a limited slip Q45 unit; it’s a more or less drop 
in replacement.  we could not believe how quiet it was when we first drove 

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On 4/8/15 5:06 PM, Randall wrote:
>> The car howls, most loudly in top gear at part throttle.
>> Full throttle or no throttle makes it quiet.  It may also
>> sound in third gear, but not as much.
> Sounds very similar to the rear end howl in my TR3.
Yep.  That's what I told him too.  My R&P gears were worn to a sharp
knife shape. 

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